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We Champion the Companies Who Rewrite the Rules of Culture

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We are an early stage venture capital firm dedicated to investing in ambitious entrepreneurs to define and dominate a new generation of commerce.

Announcing: Fund IV Our Philosophy

We partner with those who challenge industry norms — Those who upend entire categories.

Digitally empowered consumers are navigating an evolving path to purchase, while setting a new bar for service, transparency, and authenticity. Access, products, and services are being brought to life as technology unlocks potential and reshapes the way business gets done. Many old guard commerce leaders are saddled by outdated value propositions and infrastructure. Amazon, leader of the 1.0 e-commerce revolution, is 20 years old. Much has changed since then. The consumer has evolved, and the way we do business is in a constant state of transformation. Our primary areas of investment are:

B2C Products, Services, & Experiences

B2B Upgrades and Unlocks

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Prose, Investment No. 74


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