An early stage venture capital firm dedicated to investing in ambitious entrepreneurs to define and dominate a new generation of commerce


Everything Has Changed.

Modern Consumers are Ready to be Inspired.

“The next generation of consumers has arrived, and they have spoken. They don’t eat the same cereal their parents ate; wear the same makeup their mothers wore; or buy the same dog food they grew up with.”

- FORBES, 2015

Today’s Retailers and Brands Must Be Digitally Savvy.

“Digital influence continues to increase and shift the ground under the feet of retailers large and small alike. In a world where nearly everyone is always online, there is no offline. So it is not about the digital business, it is just business. It’s not about eCommerce, it is simply commerce.”

- DELOITTE, 2015

Forerunner Offers Founders A Distinct Edge.

Our Partnership Promise:

To us, an investment means joining your team. Being on your team means showing up. Showing up means being the first call you make when you need real help —  honing your business model, being smarter as you scale, building your team with the right people, navigating blindspots, and developing a sound capitalization strategy.


Investment Focus.

We seek to partner with ambitious entrepreneurs that are disrupting the commerce landscape from every angle.

We are active investors, leading or co-leading investment rounds.

We make early stage initial investments in companies typically post launch.

We are looking for companies that are tackling big markets, bringing something new to the table, and executing scalable business models.

Beyond that we seek a service proposition that enables a Company to stand out, unfair marketing advantages, and visionary, disciplined, magnetic founder(s).


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